King’s Mill Hospital

This innovative design solution serves to invigorate tired and dispersed NHS building stock. Achieving 90% critical clinical adjacencies, the approach employs principles of evidence-based design throughout, creating a positive experience for all building users. By virtue of a strategic move at masterplanning level, wayfinding is simplified as the building entrance immediately directs visitors to the relevant zone, reducing footfall and travel distances. ‘Fingers’ of repetitive accommodation in the Diagnostic and Treatment Centre maximise flexibility: the accommodation is arranged around linear courtyards with ETFE roofing that creates a ‘biosphere’ microclimate, and ensures natural daylighting to each room. Patient rooms in the wards are afforded excellent views of the adjacent reservoir and countryside through floor-to-ceiling glazing.

The development covers 120,000m2 comprising 28 new wards, 700 beds with 50% single rooms, a state-of-the-art Diagnostic & Treatment Centre including four Day Surgery operating theatres, a new Emergency Care and Assessment Centre with an out-of-hours GP service, and a Women's & Children's Centre with dedicated operating rooms, imaging facilities and birthing pool.

Praised as a benchmark example of sustainable healthcare construction, the scheme includes the largest geothermal lake loop scheme in Europe, which, accompanied by a tri-generation plant provides all of the hospital’s cooling requirements and 40% of the heating requirements.

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Project statistics

Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Nottingham, UK


120,000 m2

No. of beds

Skanska Innsfree JV
Swanke Hayden Connell

Notable features
CABE Design rating: Excellent
BREEAM rating: Excellent
NHS exemplar building

Shortlist: 2011 Best Acute Care Design Award, Building Better Healthcare (BBH) Awards
Shortlist: 2011 World Architecture News Award
Shortlist: 2009 Patient Environment - Best Use of Visual Art in Healthcare Award, Building Better Healthcare (BBH) Awards


“The King’s Mill Hospital design is innovative and helps our staff to provide all of our patients with the very best care. Our new hospital provides the highest quality of patient environment and the feedback we so often receive from our patients reflects this.”

Lorraine Palmer
Director of Operations for Corporate Development Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

“One of the most sustainable healthcare buildings in the UK” an example of “architectural design expertise” 

World Architecture News (Award comments)